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Female, years from Cairns, Australia:
Build: .
Looks: .
Hair color: Red.
Hair length: Long.
Bust size: C Large.
About me:
“Eva really put me at ease, she’s beautiful, intelligent, warm and sexy – the perfect companion."
I enjoy a special connection with the people I meet, I enjoy sharing myself, creating memories and fulfilling fantasies. I am vivacious and easy going and my company is warm and inviting - whether you are a shy, introverted individual or busy, highly motivated businessmen you will find time with me effortless and satisfying.
I am tall and slim, with full red lips, creamy skin and gentle curves. I have no tattoos, piercings or body modifications; I dress only in simple, elegant silhouettes and classic styles. My photos have not been edited – you will find me exactly as I appear.
“Eva has a way of making you lose yourself…”
I have traveled and worked as a companion all over the world, and have glowing reviews from five countries. I have a master’s degree and am pursuing a professional career. My interests include Biology, Ethics, Classic Literature and Colonial history…. as well as, RP Games and Dr. Who. I’m genuinely bisexual and will eagerly accommodate couples or MFF encounters. I make an excellent anniversary gift!
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Location: Cairns, Australia
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